About BBQ Godfather


BBQ Godfather has been created to embody the love and passion we have for BBQ. Our aim here is to be a definitive resource for all things BBQ. It’s a way for us to share what we know and to learn more by moving forward. A good barbecue is a science and an art – and the delicious perfection it brings is a reward we can all enjoy.

As the immortal words of The Godfather say, “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” For us, that is the joy of talking about all things BBQ. Grilling, smoking, and just the good old barbecuing, we love it all. The good thing is, there’s always more to know.

Even tried, tested, and beloved recipes can be given a fresh, new twist that makes it all different. And that’s why we love those beautiful tips, tricks, and the recipes of the knowledgeable.

Pitmasters often have their own tricks and their own way of getting things in order. We could all benefit from a few ideas and learn more. 

The basics of barbecue have remained the same since time immemorial. And yet, there’s always something new going on. With the introduction of new technology, systems, and practices, things have changed. These small changes, though individually ever so tiny, have made a world of difference to the way the world barbecues. 

It can be especially tough for beginners. There’s an overwhelming amount of products available and yet, a beginner would have a tough time finding their way around them. As a dependable resource for the beginner and the pro-alike, we want to offer (and learn) new tips, tricks, information, and guidance. 

Everything we publish is reviewed for authenticity. If we consult an outside source, we make sure it’s a dependable, primary source. 

We don’t sell products and we don’t have corporate overlords. We are absolutely impartial and base our reviews and opinions on real-world experiences. For our reviews and opinions, we often rely on hands-on experience, customer opinions, common sense, and widely available data.

That way, we can keep the reviews balanced and our opinions impartial.

Therefore, we’re calling all pitmasters – pros and newbies alike, to join us in exploring the wonderful world of barbecues, grilling, cooking, and smoking!