Blackstone Griddle Accessories That Are A Must-Have

What Blackstone Griddle Accessories can help ramp up your cooking game? The brand is well-known for its high-quality griddles and grills. They often partner with pro chefs, home cooks, griddle masters, and others to produce products that fit everyone’s needs. Let’s take a look at a few accessories and options that will elevate this experience. … Read more

Camp Chef vs Traeger: An Exploration Of The Salient Points

Camp Chef vs Traeger

What’s a better pick in the Camp Chef vs Traeger comparison? Both of them are well-known brands in the pellet grill space and have an excellent reputation. While Traeger lives on the premium side of things, Camp Chef has carved its niche as a value proposition. Even with a lower price, Camp Chef has managed … Read more

Pit Boss Temperature Problems And Troubleshooting

Pit Boss temperature problems are sometimes unavoidable. Pellet grills usually have more parts than conventional charcoal grills or gas-fired units. The presence of the auger and fan can sometimes cause temperature problems and other maintenance issues. A lot of times, this is manageable. Having some understanding of what the error means and doing a quick … Read more

Best Smoker Cookbooks For Your Barbecue Talents

Cookbooks are an inspiration for pros and newbies alike. Even a seasoned pitmaster can find some ideas and benefits in the best smoker cookbooks. While newbies can learn some tricks and follow recipes to deliciousness.  These cookbooks offer quite a bit to up your smoking game. Sometimes, it’s simple recipes and at other times, they … Read more

Electric Smoker vs Pellet Smoker — A Detailed Comparison

Electric smoker vs pellet smoker

Need to decide between buying an electric smoker vs pellet smoker? We’ll compare the two so that your decision becomes easier.  There are quite a few similarities between both these smokers, which is why the comparison tends to get a bit tricky. Both these smokers use electric power. But, there is a difference between where … Read more

The Best Wood for Smoking Brisket to Get delicious Results

Best Wood for Smoking Brisket

There are different types of woods, and each provides a unique flavor profile to whatever you’re cooking. Some taste better than others, some give off more smoke than others, and some add flavors that you wouldn’t want in the food. Let’s take a quick overview and see which is the best wood for smoking brisket! … Read more

Best Cuts of Beef to Smoke: Your One-stop Guide

best cut of beef to smoke

Beef is one of the most delicate and delicious meats, which is why it’s ideal to barbecue, grill, or smoke. However, not all cuts are suitable for every cooking method.  Some cuts are better suited to certain types of smoking. When smoking beef, you want to select the best cuts of meat possible to ensure … Read more