10 Best Pellet Smokers For Cooking Goodness

Getting the best pellet smoker means you can enjoy a versatile and simple-to-use setup. Most modern pellet smokers are incredibly advanced and come with amazing features. These include WiFi connectivity, excellent temperature control, automated functions, and more. Pellet smokers can be more expensive than your regular grill or smoker. That said, they don’t fail to … Read more

Rec Tec vs Traeger: 2021 Brand Comparison And Review

Rec Tec vs Traeger is a choice you’ll have to deal with in picking a pellet grill. It’s a tough decision because both brands are very similar in quality, price-point, and technology. Traeger has the benefit of being on the market longer. However, Rec Tec (now, Recteq) is offering serious competition. And as we all … Read more

Best Offset Smokers To Buy In 2021

Call them barrel smokers or horizontal smokers, the traditional offset smokers are excellent and low-and-slow cooking. This is the traditional method of smoking meat and food, so there are plenty of options floating in the market. That’s why choosing the best offset smoker to buy can get overwhelming. Choosing offset smokers is often more desirable … Read more