7 Best Pellet Smoker Tubes To Get for Your Grill

Smoker tubes are a handy device to level up your food. You can use it to cook yourself smoked cheese, smoked almonds, or that mouth-watering smoked meat. It’s a must-have gear for barbecue enthusiasts. Check this list of the best pellet smoker tubes that are easy-to-use, cost-effective, and a great accessory for your griller.

1. Lanney Pellet Smoking Tube

Lanney is one of the most popular brands for smoker tubes. It uses quality material with an excellent design for both its use and look. 

The Lanney pellet smoke tube has a perforated design with a hexagonal shape. This lets pellets stay in place without rolling on the grate or grill. It is 12 inches in length and can smoke for up to 5 hours. You can use this item for both hot and cold smoking, and as an accessory to your pellet grills to produce more smoke. 

Lanney promotes its portable smoker tube as very durable so it can last for a long time. It is compatible with electric, gas, charcoal, pellet grills, and other smoker and grill equipment. 

You can also get bonus items when using the pellet smoker such as a tube brush for cleaning, hooks for the tube, and a silicone brush for basting food. It’s a useful set for your next barbecue.

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2. Carpathen Smoke Tube

Carpathen is a highly-rated and well-reviewed smoke tube for grills. It has its own design for a more polished look and easy use.

The Carpathen smoke tube has a rectangular design versus the hexagonal of Lanney’s and circular shapes of other brands. This makes for an easier fit and placement for many grillers and will surely hold its place.

It also has a 12-inch length but since it has a more open shape, it can smoothly fit in larger wood pellets. The tube fits and works in all kinds of covered grills and smokers. 

For a less hassle buy, there is a tube kit featuring the pellet smoker tube, smoking and barbecue guides, recipes, meat temperature chart, and a canvas bag for its product.

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3. LIZZQ Premium Pellet Smoker Tube

The LIZZQ pellet smoker tube has over 9,000 ratings with 4.5 average stars on Amazon. It’s a good tell for a product that is worth buying.

The tube has a similar hexagonal design to Lanney. It also has an open cap on one side for easy lighting and a closed cap on the other for keeping the pellets in place. 

LIZZQ does not have other perks of having items like cleaning brushes or multiple digital guidebooks. Instead, it has a free e-book with grilling tips and recipes along with the pellet tube. It’s also a few bucks cheaper, easily making it a good buy for its quality and use. 

It’s a straightforward buy for those who just want to keep it simple and get on smoking their food.

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4. Skoo Pellet Smoker

Skoo is another option that offers good-quality pellet smoke tubes. It’s a choice that gives a mix of the perks from other brands.

Skoo pellet smoker tube is 12 inches in length and assures the typical 5-hour smoking time. It has an open cap at one end and a closed cap at the other for efficient use. Using the same high standard 304 grade stainless steel, it is resistant and durable against rust, heat, and years of use.

Aside from Skoo matching up their product to other brands, they offer a simple accessory kit and digital user guide. Its kit has one hook and a cleaning brush that is the same length as the tube.

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5. A-maze-n Oval Expanding Pellet

This pellet brand offers a fun take to its smoke tube with its expandable design. It gives an additional smoking time and makes for easier, more compact storage.

A-MAZE-N pellet smoker tubes go from 12 inches to 18 inches in length. It can produce smoke for up to 4 hours in its 12 inches position and up to 6 hours in its 18 inches expanded tube.

Making their product even more distinguishable, A-MAZE-N takes their design further with an oval shape. The oval shape helps keep it in place and not roll away and it allows for a snugger fit in grills and smokers. 

The brand offers a variety of smokers for grills but their pellet tube smoker is the handiest. Their product costs the most among all the options from this list for its style and has no accessories or kits included.

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6. Alsisk Hexagon Pellet Smoker Tube

ALSISK’s pellet smoke tube is another well-rated option. It has most of the same features offered for a much lower price.

The product is also 12 inches in length and uses a hexagonal design. It is compatible with gas, charcoal, electric, and pellet grills. The brand advertises its product as having been made with excellent workmanship.

ALSISK has three different sets with a mix of accessories that you can use with your tube smoker. These include hooks, cooking twine, cleaning brush, and oil brush.

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7. BBQFAM EZ Smoker Tube

BBQFAM promotes its EZ smoker tube as the original hexagonal pellet tube. Unlike most 12 inches smoking tubes, this one prides itself with its 6-inch design.

The BBQFAM EZ pellet smoke tube can hold both wood pellets and wood chips which can burn up to 2 hours. It’s a convenient item for hot smoking recipes in a short time.

The brand also offers the regular 12-inch pellet tubes for effective long hours of cold smoking. It uses 100% stainless steel which is safe to use and will last a long time.

BBQFAM does not offer any accessories to go with their tube smoker. They do give three free e-books containing delicious smoking recipes.

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Let’s get to know more about this hot nifty item:

What is a pellet smoker tube?

It is a lightweight accessory that is used to heat and smoke food. It is a perforated piece of metal container where you put in pellets that can burn slowly for a few hours. 

Smoker tubes are designed to produce a smoky flavor for meat, cheese, nuts, and vegetables. It can be used with charcoal, gas, electric, or compact grills. You can also use it with your pellet smoker to boost smoking.

How to use the best pellet tube smoker?

It’s quite easy to use this handy smoking device which makes it a popular gadget when grilling. 

Here’s the general instruction for most pellet tube smoking device:

First, set up your smoking tube vertically and fill it with wood pellets. There are many kinds of pellets like hickory wood pellets, apple, cherry, and alder, to name a few. Choose one depending on your preference or on what food you’re smoking.

The second step is to light up your grill. Place the tube in the corner of your grill. Some instructions would advise exposing the tube to an open flame for about 8 minutes. This is only a tip and it’s best to learn as you use it and follow the instructions of which pellet tube brand you’re using.

The last step is to place your food on the grill for the recommended time. It will smoke the food for 2-5 hours. The food will absorb the smoke and heat which will give it a tasty smoky flavor.

What Foods Can You Smoke with the Tube Smoker?

Most foods can actually be smoked using a tube smoker. Depending on your recipe, it is possible to increase the flavor by smoking it. Just remember that it is always best to follow the recommended amount of smoking time depending on which type of food.  

Some of the most commonly smoked foods are pork, fish, chicken, ribs, steak, cured meat, fruits, corn, and nuts.

What to Consider When Buying a Smoker Tube for Grill

Pellet smoking tubes have three main features: size, design, and durability. 

1. Size

The amount of smoking period varies depending on how short or long a smoker tube is. As the list shows above, most of the size for this tool is 12 inches long which can smoke food for 5 hours at most.

If you need less than five hours, you can still use the same 12-inch tube but with fewer pellets to burn. If you need more than five hours, using longer or extendable tubes that can be filled in with more pellets would be preferable.

2. Design

It is a great thing to consider designs that would not be rolling around your grill for safety and consistency measures. Also, the shape of your pellet smoker would impact how easy it is to move and handle around your grill. 

For an overview, oval-shaped tubes can fit in better for compact grills or smokers. Hexagonal ones would be easier to roll on purpose and place safely without spilling. 

3. Durability

Most tubes would last a long time with their stainless steel material. However, you have to make sure that you are getting one from reputed brands so you can be assured that your smoker tube is made with real and high-quality steel.

Original products are expectedly anti-rust, heat-resistant, and stay durable over time. However, depending on your usage, it would still be exposed to damages. This is especially so for cases when it’s not cleaned and stored properly.

If for some reason, your pellet tubes get damaged or there are complaints you find in it, most options have refunds and warranties available. So, before purchasing, consider which ones have more guarantees like return period, customer service, and reviews.

4. Bonus: Accessories

There is only so much that can be changed in the actual tube item besides design and branding. So, brands and sellers would be increasing their competitive advantage with some bonus items.

Besides the tube smoker, you can opt for those that have additional features that come with the product for less hassle and more affordable purchase. These items are most usually cleaning brushes, hanging hooks, and guidebooks.

Do smoke tubes really work?

Yes, they do! There are many reviews and videos showcasing the use and efficiency of pellet smoker tubes.

One of its best uses is for cold smoking food. The method on how to use it is almost the same. Fill it with pellets, ignite one side, put out the flame, and then place the tube in your grill or smoking area.

Another way to use smoking tubes is for hot smoking. To do this, place pellets in the tube, ignite it, and place it by the side of the food. Make sure you place the device opposite the vent.

Smoke tubes are usually used for low, slow, and indirect smoking. With it, foods get that smoky flavor with a mouth-watering aroma.

More FAQs on Pellet Smoker Tubes

  1. Can you use wood chips in a smoker tube?

Yes, most pellet tubes work with wood chips. Make sure to get small-sized ones so they will burn more easily. Some would also use a mix of wood chips and wood pellets which can burn nicely.

  1. How do you light up smoke pellets in the tube?

You can easily light up the pellets and use your smoke tube with a decent butane torch. Just place your pellet tube vertically with the open side up then use your torch to light the pellets.

  1. How do you light smoke pellets without a torch?

One piece of advice is to pour some alcohol on the pellets and let them soak for 3 to 5 minutes. Next, you can use a regular lighter or flame from your barbecue to light it up.

  1. How do you use a smoke tube in a pellet smoker?

It works the same way in grills. Fill in the container with your choice of pellets, light it, and then place it on the side far from the vent. 


Pellet smoker tubes are a great lightweight appliance that you can get. It is very easy to handle and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance for continued use. If you love barbecue and smoky-flavored cheeses and so, this is a must-buy item for you.