Best Smoker Accessories to Barbecue with Ease

When you have a smoker, knowing the right accessories to go with it is as important as the main smoker machine. It will not only improve the flavor of your smoked meat but can also keep the process of barbecuing sweet and easy. So, let’s make this quick and simple: read the facts on the best smoker accessories we found for you. We hope this will improve your BBQ experience.

Get started with these smoker accessories:

1. Charcoal Chimney

Charcoal chimney starters are designed to reduce what could take an hour of getting charcoal lit and going. Unless you rely on chemical starters like lighter fluid, it will be hard to manually fire up the charcoal. That’s why, make things easier by investing in a chimney starter.

All you have to do is place this stainless steel metal pitcher and load it with charcoal briquettes. Add a few pieces of paper and light it up. For an even faster way, add some drops of oil into it and torch it all together. 

Even without a charcoal chimney starter, you can do the same thing to light up your scattered briquettes. However, this tool will give you an instant burning fuel to a lesser-effort much faster and effective way to start your smoker.

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2. Looft lighter

They say that Looft lighter came into existence when a grilling aficionado had enough of using lighter fluids. So, he developed a product that can ignite charcoal without charcoal chimneys or chemical accelerants.

A Looft lighter is a BBQ tool that can deliver a hot airstream at 1,100°F that can get your charcoal glowing in seconds. You can also use it to rekindle fireplaces, pizza ovens, and anywhere you need to light up a fire. It’s a hot and safe accessory for starting a fire.

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3. Natural Fire Starters

If you’re not happy with charcoal chimneys, Looft lighters, and chemical starters, this choice is for you. Natural fire starters are made up of all-natural wood shavings and food-grade wax.

For BBQ enthusiasts who are looking for an odorless efficient way to light up the grill, one pod of this natural fire starter can do the trick. It is waterproof, has a burning time of 10-15 minutes, and is safe to use in any season.

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Get handy with these BBQ smoker accessories:

1. Heat Resistant Barbecue Gloves

Your hands are your most important tools when cooking. Especially with barbecue, you have to be quick in handling the food over an open fire. It is highly recommended to use heat-resistant barbecue gloves to keep your hands safe and ready.

Grilling gloves are made of BPA-free silicone that is resistant to heat from -104°F to 446°F. These protective mitts can let you freely handle roasted meat directly, adjust and lift hot grates, remove hot smoking pellet tubes, and more.

So, if your tongs don’t offer enough flexibility or you simply want to be literally hands-on in your barbecue, then invest in your own heat-resistant BBQ gloves.

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2. Heavy Duty Long Grill Tongs

Tongs are among the most essential tools for BBQ. If you want to make sure you’re not going to get yourself on fire, having a pair of long grilling tongs is vital.

There are thousands of tongs available on the market but you have to pick ones that are durable and resistant to high temperatures. Since you’re handling food in high heat and even burning charcoals or pellets, using a heavy-duty tool is important.

Aside from durability, make sure to consider longer BBQ grill tongs so you can keep your hands from burning. Having one or two quality stainless steel tongs will be great for your grilling time.

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3. Meat Claws

Get this savage tool that will help you pull and shred meat in no time. There is no more stress of manually slicing and picking through your smoked beef brisket with the meat claws accessory.

This time-saving BBQ tool is heat-resistant up to 475 degrees. With these sharp claws, you can easily grasp and shred beef, pork, chicken, and more. Made with sturdy material, it will not easily slip, melt, break or bend so you can feel comfortable when shredding meat.

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4. Boning Knife

Another handy accessory to work with your BBQ is a boning knife. When trimming up meat, it’s always much easier to do with a sharp knife, especially ones designed for the job.

Boning knives have long, thin blades with a sharp tip that can pierce meat easier and safer. It’s designed to cut through tissues, trim away fat, and remove raw meat from the bone. It’s an efficient tool to have when cooking all kinds of meat.

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5. Grilling Accessories Tool Set

If you’re the type of person who hates the hassle of looking for products separately, getting a BBQ grill set is your choice.

There are many available sets on the market with their own mix of items included in their grill tool sets. Most would include BBQ tongs, spatula, meat thermometer, meat injector, and brushes. We recommend choosing one that has many tools available and is made with great quality.

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Get the best flavor with these meat smoking accessories:

1. Wireless Meat Thermometer

Make sure you get the most flavorful, perfectly cooked meat by utilizing a wireless meat thermometer. This product is designed to safely and effectively measure the internal temperature of meat inside your smokers or grillers.

Wireless meat thermometers will allow you to monitor your meats at a distance. The device has a timer function that will be useful for precise cooking. The non-Wifi versions will beep and flash for alarm once your desired temperature is ready. There are also wireless meat probes that can send notifications to your phone.

There is no more hassle of manually checking on how done the meat is or risk having a charred piece of steak. Get a wireless meat thermometer so you can rest assured your BBQ will have the best results.

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2. Pellet Smoker Tube

Pellet smoker tubes are affordable, versatile grill accessories. It can work with electrical, gas, charcoal, compact, and about any type of smoker. This tube smoker is designed to use pellets to produce smoke for hot smoking or cold smoking food.

If you want to make your BBQ more flavorful, with a better aroma, using pellet smokers as an accessory to your smoker will give that result. It burns word pellets that can last for up to 10 hours of smoking. 

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3. Smoker box

A smoker box is a simpler version of pellet smoker tubes. These can turn your propane grill, gas grill, or electrical grill into instant smokers. It can hold a variety of wood chips that when smoked will impart flavor and aroma to your food.

While pellet tubes are more compact, smoker boxes can take up more space in your grilling space. Though its rectangular design also allows for more stable placement on your grill and wood chips tend to cost cheaper than pellets.

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Get more done with these tools:

1. Barbecue Grill Light

For times that you’re smoking at late hours, it would be efficient to get these grill lights. You can easily mount this torch on your smoker without any technicalities.

Made with aluminum alloy, this grill light is resistant to hot weather conditions. It is also water-resistant allowing efficient use during snowy or rainy days. With its flexible material, this light can be adjusted 360 degrees to project the light where you need it. Its non-glare, wide light beam can illuminate your cooking area so you won’t have to strain your eyes any time or season.

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2. Grill Basket

While meat is the most popular food to smoke, vegetables are just as good with an enhanced smoky flavor. You can simply place veggies on your smoker grates, but it can take up space, roll around, or slip through the spaces. 

Grill baskets are made with heavy-duty stainless steel that can withstand high temperatures. These tools have a mesh-like bottom to allow smoke and flame to go through and cook the food on them. With this basket, you can smoke whole or sliced veggies or the smallest morsels of food in your BBQ smoker. 

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3. Barbecue Apron

Prepping and smoking food can be a messy ordeal. This is especially the case when you’re cooking up a storm. It’s always a good idea to have an extra layer for protection so you don’t have to worry about changing shirts while cooking.

Getting a nice quality apron will keep you protected from smoke, grease, food stain, and the like.

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4. Smoker Controller

This simple device can help you monitor temperature from your phone, tablet, or computer. It can be set to automatically turn down the pit temperature when your meat temperature has hit the desired temp.

Its technology is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. This can be used with Kamado-style grills and smokers. 

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Don’t forget these BBQ accessories:

1. Butchers Block

One thing is true when cooking barbecue, you need a place to chop and slice your meat. Investing in a great quality butcher’s block to go along with your smoker will give you an easier and more satisfying cooking experience.

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2. Himalayan Salt Block

There are a lot of health benefits to Himalayan salt which is why it’s been made into a cooking ingredient, a lamp, slabs for the feet, and also, a salt block for imparting more flavor to your food.

You can use a Himalayan salt block for grilling, cutting, and serving your recipes.

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3. Kebab Skewers

Kebabs are aesthetically pleasing, convenient for cooking and eating a combination of meat, veggies, and seafood. There are wooden skewers and metal ones that you can use depending on what and where you’re grilling. For a more affordable choice in the long run, get your own durable stainless kebab skewers.

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4. Rib Rack

Fan of BBQ ribs? Don’t forget to purchase a rib rack that can make for an easier, neater way to maximize space and cook delicious ribs. You can conveniently cook more ribs for your party with this non-stick rib rack.

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5. Grill Cleaning Brush

One smoker accessory you shouldn’t forget is a grill cleaning brush. There’s a brush for everything, your hair, teeth, clothes, shoes, and even your grill. It’s best to use this tool specifically designed for a safe and easy scraping, brushing, and cleaning of your smoker.

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6. Grate Cleaner Spray

This super-strength gel can help you clean your food-prep surfaces and appliances. It can remove smudges and grease from your grill and grates. This cleaner spray is safe to use on metals, drip pans, grill exteriors/interiors, and cooking grates/racks. Don’t use it on aluminum or faux stainless steel material.

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7. Wood chips/pellets

Get your choice of pellets or wood chips to use alongside your pellet tube or smoker box. These small pieces or shavings of wood come from trees like apple, peach, cherry, maple, hickory, alder, to name a few. These variations will offer different aromas and flavorful smoky tastes on your BBQ meats.

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8. Ash Vacuum

Deep clean your BBQ smoker and grills with an ash vacuum. For quick cold ash pickup, this vacuum will make cleaning a lot easier. 

The Ash Vac effectively traps particles and prevents fine dust from escaping into your surroundings. You will not be exposed and inhale these dust particles when cleaning your smoker. Of course, you would still need to brush and wipe away grease and food bits but this vacuum can help clear wood dust and ash better.

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5 Things to Consider When Buying Smoker Accessories

There are a lot of smoker accessories in the market to choose from. Even this list we showed has a lot of items for you to consider buying. You can end up with a whole storage of these tools especially if you’re a fan of smoking food whether it’s hot smoking or cold smoking. But just like in all aspects in life, too much of anything is not good. So, consider the following before making additional purchases:

1. Does it work with your smoker?

Barbecue smokers come in different types and designs. Propane, electric, pellet, and offset smokers are among the most used types. Most tools are safe to use with either of these smokers. Still, it won’t do any harm if you can read reviews from previous buyers or do a little more research to make sure that the accessory you’re buying won’t damage your smoker.

2. How often will you use it?

Consider the practicality of the tool and how often you will find yourself using it. Will it be something that can assist you or will it just be an idle accessory to have? 

For instance, you use your smoker mainly for cold smoking meat but find a grill basket you’d like to have. If you buy it but rarely smoke vegetables with your smoker, it will just either take up space or get damaged from neglect. You can also use your smoker grates for some veggies for those special days. You should buy accessories to make barbecuing easier and not for display.

3. What’s your budget?

For each tool, hundreds of brands are available to choose from. Most of these are made with the same materials and only differ in design and branding. So, depending on your budget you can opt for a lesser-known brand that has good materials and positive reviews as branded ones.

Another thing to consider for your budget is the number of accessories you can get for the same amount. For example, if you’re not so concerned with having high-end tools and your main concern is cutting down the time for lighting up charcoal, then just get a basic grill tool set and invest in a looft lighter.

4. Should you buy branded products?

Branded products follow strict standards and many would get certifications for their quality materials. As such, buying from a reputed brand would be an assurance for quality and safety. Naturally, it would mean it’s worth the money.

However, a lot of these popular named tools can cost a lot so it will be hard on your budget. If so, you can look for cheaper alternatives with positive reviews that you should read to be certain of their worth.

5. Is it worth it?

Your smoker already does a lot to cook and amplify the flavor of your dishes so you don’t need a lot of other things. These BBQ smoker accessories are not exactly essentials. These are beneficial tools if you’re using them purposefully but will become a worthless display if you just bought them without thinking it over.

So, before making a purchase, consider if it’s worth it. Will it make your barbecue experience a whole lot easier and better?


Wire thermometers and smoker tubes are efficient additions to make more flavorful meat. Looft lighter and charcoal chimneys would cut down the time you have to spend on just starting the flame. BBQ gloves and tongs are must-haves to handle your food and equipment safely. We invest in the best smoker accessories because these things maximize our cooking experience and improve recipes’ flavor.

Every accessory has its role and depending on where you’re needing the extra help, a couple or all of these tools would be worth your buy.