Best Traeger Grill Accessories To Check Out

If you’re fond of the outdoors or you love BBQ or both, we bet you’ve heard of Traeger Grills. In fact, there’s probably one in your backyard or in your digital cart already. Whichever it is, know that having Traeger grills is best accompanied by its friends. So, we’re introducing you to the best Traeger grill accessories to go with the grill and what we’re sure barbecue enthusiasts would love.

Traeger Grill Accessories for Upgrading

1. Pellet Level Sensor

Best Traeger Grill Accessories - Pellet Level Sensor

For those who have the older series of Traeger grills, many of those don’t have an inbuilt pellet sensor. 

To make up for this, Traeger has added an installable pellet level sensor for their grills. It is compatible with Pro 575, Pro 780, Ironwood 650, and 885 units. 

Using the Traeger Pellet Sensor will keep you notified when your pellets are running low through the Traeger App. With it, you can do other things without having to worry if there are enough pellets to keep your grill working.

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2. Traeger High-Efficiency Power Inverter

Traeger High-Efficiency Power Inverter

Traeger Grills BBQ Power Inverter is the best companion for your grills when you’re out enjoying camping with friends or facing electrical outages at home. 

With this high-efficiency power inverter, you can connect, start, and use your grill by plugging it into either your car or a power generator.

This is a 400-watt inverter that can easily power up not only your Traeger grills but also other devices.

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Traeger Accessories For Cooking

1. Traeger Folding Shelf

Traeger Folding Shelf

Traeger grills are great for simultaneously grilling huge pieces of meat, some skewers, and a fair share of veggies. However, while all these fit well in the cooking space, there’s not enough area for prepping.

If you are among those who don’t have enough space outdoors to properly place your food or transporting food to and from your kitchen is a hassle, then getting a Traeger folding shelf will make your cooking easier.

There are several Traeger folding front shelves that you can choose for the best fit for your grill.

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2. Traeger Pellet Grill Magnetic Hooks

Traeger Pellet Grill Magnetic Hooks

There are many reasons why you have to get magnetic hooks to work with your grills. It’s an easy place to hang your cooking tools, brushes, apron, gloves, or towel. As a master BBQ chef, you would be using all kinds of tools so keeping them safe and easy to grab would be efficient.

Traeger also sells magnetic hooks so if you want to make sure you’re buying hooks that would actually attach to your Traeger grill, why not get it from the same store.

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3. Traeger Rib Rack

Often find yourself cooking ribs and awkwardly stacking or fitting them in space? Keep things easier and better with a rib rack. It will not only make things neater but will also get each piece of meat equally cooked to perfection.

You can fit up to 8 ribs on this rack which is designed to be compatible with most Traeger pellet smokers.

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4. Traeger Grills Stainless Steel Grill Basket

Most people would roast some sides to go with barbecue and this is the perfect accessory for it. This stainless steel grill basket keeps smaller foods like veggies, nuts, and the like from rolling and falling off the grill grates.

With this steel grill basket, you can be assured that when you open your grill, your food is cooked well and safe and nothing will be wasted. The basket also has front and side handles that make it easier to carry.

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5. Traeger Grills BBQ Grill Meat Injector Kit

For a quick marinade or an extra notch of flavor, the Traeger Grill Meat Injector Kit is a friend to BBQ fans. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this 3-inch injector needle is designed to easily inject spices, broth, or brines into the meat.

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6. Traeger Grills BBQ Grill Tongs

Make sure not to forget to buy grill tongs, especially ones for BBQ. Getting one like the Traeger grills BBQ grill tongs, in particular, is recommended for its design.

Made with stainless steel that resists heat, a wood handle for a more comfortable handle, and a serrated tip, this product’s features will make sure your delicious cooked food won’t slip out of your hands. 

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7. Traeger Grills BBQ Flip Tool

If you’re tired of just using grill tongs, try the Traeger grills BBQ flip tool. Otherwise named as the pigtail BBQ flipper, it can flip, turn, and carry various foods from pork chops to corn.

People using this tool should have some know-how because while it may feel like just sticking a fork or knife, the food may break and slip.

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8. Traeger Pellet Grills Meat Probe Kit

An easy measure to make sure that the meat is done the way you like it. This is a stainless steel digital thermostat that you can use with all meats to check the internal temperature.

Before getting your meat probes, remember to check if it’s compatible with your grill.

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Traeger Accessories for Protection

1. Traeger Staydry Pellet Bin

Keeping your pellets dry and stored properly is very important. Exposure to moisture will affect the efficiency of your pellets so storing them in airtight containers is a must. 

Traeger’s pellet bin is a highly recommended box for your wood pellets. It can hold 22 pounds which is a perfect match for a 20-pound bag of Traeger pellets. These bins can stack neatly so you can store your favorite pellet flavors nicely.

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2. Traeger Grill Cover

If you have a Traeger pellet grill or you’re planning to purchase one, do consider getting a grill cover for your unit. While there are plenty of grill covers available on the market, Traeger already makes a form-fitted design that can make for an easy and exact cover for your grill.

Since pellet grills are used outdoors, many elements may cause damage to it. So, getting a specific Traeger grill cover can ensure your grill stays dry and set for safety from rain, shine, or snow. Also, Traeger’s full-length cover has a breathable material that can help keep your grill from molds during long periods of unuse.

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3. Traeger Insulation Blanket

It’s not just people that would benefit from having more cover in cold climates. Getting an insulation blanket will be helpful for your pellet grill if you’re planning to cook in chilly weather.

The Traeger insulation blanket will keep your grill warm and toasty. This can help reduce the need for using more pellets to maintain temperature. 

This thermal insulator is heat-resistant so you can use it effectively on your grill. It is advised however to not use it in temperatures above 350°F. Also, this product is not an alternative for a grill cover and could get damaged if used as such.

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Best Traeger Grill Accessories for Cleaning

1. Traegers All-Natural Grill Cleaner

Traeger offers their customers some help in cleaning their grills. It’s by making their all-natural grill cleaner that is sure to be safe and effective for their units. There’s no more need to spend so much time finding another cleaner that works for your Traeger pellet smokers.

All-natural means this spray cleaner is made with natural ingredients. It’s biodegradable, non-toxic, and perfectly safe to use on surfaces. It’s a good purchase for making sure your food maker is clean and free from harmful chemicals.

Just spray this product directly or with a cloth to wipe and remove grease inside or even outside your grill.

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2. Traeger Grill Drip Tray 

Grilling can get messy and with not enough preparation and tools, it would be a pain to clean the grease and food bits dripping from your cooked food. For no more stress after cooking, use Traeger grill drip trays to lessen the cleaning hassle.

These heat-resistant aluminum drip trays have a variety in design mostly with the size. Depending on your Traeger pellet smoker, use one that matches your unit’s needs. For instance, the Traeger BAC507 Liner 5 Pack is sized perfectly for the Traeger Pro 575 and Pro 22 grills.

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3. Traeger Grills Grease Bucket

If you’re cooking up a storm, this bucket would come in handy. Made of durable galvanized steel, you can contain the mess with this bucket to catch oil and grease runoff from your pellet smoker.

It is compatible with all Traeger grill models.

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 4. Traeger Pellet Grills BBQ Cleaning Brush

This BBQ cleaning brush is designed to clean cooled grill grates. It is made with stainless steel with nylon bristles that won’t damage the grates.

Aside from its handle, it has another knob-like grip on top that makes it easier to handle when scrubbing.

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5. Traeger Grills Wooden Grill Grate Scrape

Using metal on metal tends to damage and leave scratches on either side. To keep your grill grates clean yet safe from damage, use Traeger’s quality wooden grill grate scrape.

It’s easy to use and also looks great with its rosewood material; the product is durable and comfortable to handle.

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Our Recommended Traeger Accessories 

There are a lot of accessories that can work well for your Traeger pellet smoker or even other branded grills. 

Among the choices in this list, the five traeger accessories for us are the power inverter, folding shelf, wooden grill grate scrape, drip trays, and grill cover. These things are specially designed to be compatible with the Traeger grill parts so they’re worth the additional purchase.

Of course, it’s not to say that the other options are less useful but we’d say these five are among the must-have accessories to match and maintain your Traeger grill. These do come with a price but it’s better to have good-quality accessories that will help keep your pricey outdoor pellet smokers do better and last longer.