Camp Chef Woodwind Review

Camp Chef Woodwind is a highly recommended pellet grill for modern barbecue enthusiasts. It is Wifi-equipped, easy to use, and has many features that will help you cook flavorful dishes.

Compared to a lot of pellet smokers, Camp Chef Woodwind is so much more affordable but does not disappoint with its well-built equipment and useful attachments. To give you more idea on how and why this product is a great addition for your patio or backyard, keep on reading this Camp Chef Woodwind review.

Why do people buy Camp Chef Woodwind?

Camp Chef Woodwind is a 24-inch grill pellet smoker. This appliance does what traditional grills and pellet smokers do which is to smoke and grill food efficiently. It can be used with a variety of wood pellets which can be bought from the same company or others.

While this outdoor cooking equipment does the seemingly regular grilling things, it challenges competitors with its high technology. It is promoted as the smartest and most versatile grill available on the market. 

The grill works with a phone application with its Wifi feature. Partnered with its PID system, you can adjust temperatures, set cooking timers, and get notified when your grilled or smoked meat is ready. It’s a real modern twist to an ancient form of cooking.

Camp Chef Woodwind Grill Equipment Design  

1. Material

This pellet smoker grill is made with stainless steel that keeps it resistant to heat, rust, and damage over time. Its total rack surface area is 811 square inches with an overall weight of 150 pounds.

Woodwind has a great assembly with nickel-plated steel for the top racks and porcelain-coated steel for the lower frame. The porcelain-coated finish provides a non-stick effect that allows food to release easily. It also makes the cleaning easier.

2. Prepping Area 

The construction details of this cooking range give enough space for prepping with its side shelf. However, this area will be covered if you’re opting to have an additional cooking appliance like the SideKick sear

Camp Chef does offer an additional assembly of front shelf for the Woodwind for more prepping area. It is also possible to repurpose the top of the pellet hopper as another space to place your cooking utensils or ingredients on.

3. Pellet Hopper and Wheels

Woodwind also has a good pellet hopper construction; it has a viewable slit that makes it easier to know the number of pellets available. Camp Chef Woodwind 36 can hold up to 22 pounds of pellets. There is also a shelf underneath the griller for the storage of either pellets or utensils. 

This handy cooking range is sturdily built with wheels for a less hassle relocation. Camp Chef Woodwind 24 which is the more compact version has two wheels on one side. Meanwhile, Camp Chef Woodwind 36 has four wheels to accommodate its size for moving.

Is the Camp Chef Woodwind 24 big enough?

camp chef woodwind

Camp Chef offers their Woodwind griller in three sizes. So, depending on your use and or budget, you can compromise with the size but get the same quality product.

Woodwind WiFi series comes in 3 sizes being 20, 24, and 36 square inches. This is the cooking space measurement. 

All the models contain two racks and if you need extra height to cook meat, the whole top rack is removable. As for most pellet grillers, the top rack of Woodwind is smaller than its bottom frame which makes for an easier view and placement of your food.

For an overview, a 24-inch Woodwind griller can cook four large skewers and a good-sized whole chicken on its bottom rack while grilling some vegetables on the top such as carrots, corns, and bell pepper.

What are the features of the Woodwind WIFI grill?

1. PID controller

Camp Chef Woodwind Wifi Grill

Camp Chef’s most innovative take on pellet grills is their updated PID system that provides precise temperature management. You can maintain a precise and consistent temperature that results in delicious well-grilled food.

The PID controller in this Woodwind range lets you set the temperature in 5°F increments compared to other products that only allow a 15°F or 25°F dial. With its efficient controls, you can adjust and keep the temperature of the grill even in windy or cold weather.

2. Smart Smoke Technology

Another brilliant addition that makes the Woodwind grill a form of modern cooking equipment is its smoke control feature. It’s a user-friendly number system that lets you adjust how smoky your grill is going to be. 

You can choose your smoke setting on a scale of 1-10 which will impart the amount of smoky flavor to your food as you’d like. Even better, this smart smoke technology is independent of the temperature level. 

This function can set the smoke level without necessarily increasing the heat to high degrees. So, when you’re roasting your meat, you can keep it on low heat while smoking it a bit more for extra smokiness.

Coupled with the PID system, this smart smoke tech is the best cooking companion to fine-tune the flavor of your grilled food.

3. Full color screen controller

Woodwind Wifi Controller

The full-colored screen controller is a great way to get to know the controls of the grill. Its colored display makes it easy to set your cooking temperature. This interface will allow even beginners to get confident in using the equipment.

4. Camp Chef Connect App

This feature is the best friend for the generation of people who are always glued to their phones. You can cook effortlessly with the Woodwind Wifi using the Camp Chef Connect App by adjusting the smoke levels or temperature in the app.

It’s also a good feature so you will not have to keep close to the grill, get exposed, and smell like smoke when making your cooking adjustments. Another advantage is it will help send a notification of your cooking time to avoid overcooked or burnt dishes.

5. Stainless steel meat probes

All of the Camp Chef Woodwind Wifi grills come with stainless steel probes. They are the perfect accessory for checking how done your steaks and roasts are.

You can place these steel probes with one side in your meat and connect the other to the grill controller. It will send notifications in your app where you can see real-time updates if your grilled or roasted meat is ready.

6. Slide and Grill Technology

Camp Chef Woodwind

With a pull of a knob, the Woodwind pellet grill can give you a direct and indirect flame mode. This is great for when you want to sear and roast your meat in a direct flame.

There’s no elaborate hassle for you to assemble. When you slide the knob, the heat deflector plate opens up allowing the flames to reach through the bottom racks. The temperature can go up as high as 650°F. It’s a good way to add that primitive food-over-fire deliciousness.

7. 160º F – 500ºF temperature range

Whatever you’re grilling, it’s sure to be cooked thoroughly and tastily with the temperature range of this grill. 

8. Pellet Hopper Capacity and Purge Function

One of Camp Chef Woodwind pellet griller’s best attributes is its pellet hopper capacity and purge system. It’s a super convenient control while grilling and smoking.

The pellet hopper capacity matches up to the need of the smoker’s size. A Camp Chef Woodwind 36 can hold 22 pounds of pellets that will work for up to 10 hours of smoke time. 

You don’t have to manually empty the pellet hopper for a change. The purge function lets you quickly empty the hopper if you want to change your choice of wood pellets.

9. Feed Function

The grill controller not only adjusts temperature and smoke but can also add pellets automatically.

With the feed function, it allows users to add pellets easily to the grill through its internal auger tool. This function eliminates the hassle of starting the igniter just to add more flame and smoke.

10. Ash Cleanout System

Camp Chef has a patented ash kickin’ cleanout system for easy satisfying use of their Woodwind range. 

There is a small container underneath the firebox that gathers the ash that falls. To clean it, simply empty that little box. Of course, you would still need to clean the grates and other parts of the grill after use. However, this ash kickin’ cleanout function is a good measure for less cleaning time.

11. Extra features

Camp Chef Sidekick Sear

Woodwind is a versatile cooking equipment. However, Camp Chef pushes its uses further with extra features.

The Sidekick Sear is an attachable partner to the pellet grill. It’s essentially a propane burner that can fit 14-inch cooking system accessories to bake, sear, boil, sauté, braise, grill, etc. So, if you want to cook up some soup or fry bacon and eggs, you can do so while grilling with the Woodwind.

There are more supplementary tools to use with the Woodwind besides Sidekick like grill cover, BBQ tool set, and pizza oven to name a few.

In Conclusion

Whether it’s Camp Chef Woodwind Wifi 24 or Camp Chef Woodwind 36, these are great outdoor ranges where you can cook an unlimited number of recipes. It costs below $1000 so, this item is considerably budget-friendly for its worth.

The fact that this cooking equipment is made by a company of outdoorsy experts who have a passion for making gear and appliances fit for the outdoors is also a big plus. It’s clear that Woodwind’s assembly and features are well-thought. 

Sturdily built with pellet hopper capacity and function, precise smoking and flame control, expanded chamber and wheels, attachable features like the prep area and Sidekick sear, and cleaning system, this product was created with a vision for making an easy and enjoyable grilling experience.

We hope you can use this Camp Chef Woodwind review to assess whether this pellet grill is your next addition to your backyard.