How To BBQ Right: 7 Tips for Hosting a Successful BBQ Evening

BBQ is an important part of summer enjoyments. And since summers are here, your concerns on ‘how to BBQ right’ are completely justified. If you are new to grilling, it can look a bit complicated. However, once you learn the basics, all you need is time and patience to grill up that juicy piece of steak. 

So, from setting up your barbeque grill to taking measures for staying safe, let’s look at some tips and tricks on how to BBQ right:

How to BBQ Right – 7 Ideas to Start Barbequing Like a Pro  

1. Buy an Outdoor Cooker 

Any type of grill that suits you and your budget can work out for barbecuing. But if you haven’t decided yet, we suggest going with a kettle-style grill. It is affordable, has an extensive size range and a perfect venting system that won’t let the heat get out of control.

However, there is no limitation, you can choose the kamado grill, charcoal or whatever floats your boat.

2. Pick The Right Fuel

For achieving the desirable aroma and flavor, high-quality fuel is needed. Although gas grilling is possible, lump wood charcoal is the winner when it comes to natural BBQ flavors. Plus, searing with gas is always a problem as hydrocarbons in it releases moisture. 

Pro Tip: Try finding someone supplying locally sourced charcoal. Since they aren’t coated with flame retardants, the lighting process will be simpler for you.  

3. Do the Marination ASAP

If you want an exquisite juicy flavor, leave the meat to marinate for some hours or even for a night. The more time the meat stays in the marinade, the more flavor and moisture it will have.

You can try out a number of special recipes for grilling. However, do not freak out if you are short on time. Just add kosher salt, grounded black pepper, brown sugar, onion and garlic granules; and you are all good to go. Herbs and spices like red pepper flakes, oregano, paprika and others will give a distinctive taste to your BBQ.  

Pro Tip: Marinating is not just important before BBQ. Have some rub alongside while cooking and apply it after short intervals. This will keep the meat moist and loaded with flavors.   

4. Leave the Meat out of Fridge Beforehand

Take out the marinated meat 30 minutes or an hour before grilling. Otherwise, uneven or overcooking can occur as the inside of the meat will be cooler than the outside. 

For steak with bigger cuts, you will need to set it out earlier or the cooking will take longer time.     

5. Learn to Control the Heat 

This is probably one of the most challenging parts of barbequing. We suggest setting up the grill such that half of the base is empty and the other half contains charcoal. This way you can cook the meat to the right char and then easily move it away from the heat source. 

Also, the fats can cause flare-ups which are sometimes uncontrollable. Direct and indirect heating lets you handle these flares and ensures that your meat is cooked throughout without burning.   

6. Don’t Forget Veggies

While BBQ parties have been labeled as meat parties, you cannot make your vegan friends feel left out. Be a warm host, and arrange the food needed to entertain every single guest. 

You only need to grab some vegetables including corn, peppers, onions and mushrooms. Cut everything into thin slices and assemble them together on a skewer. Season them with olive oil and salt. That’s all, the vegetables are ready to grill. 

Pro Tip: Do not cook vegetables for a long time. Grilling them for around 8 to 10 minutes per side will be enough. 

7. Start The Fire Early

Prior organization will save you from freaking out on the last moment arrangements. So, do not wait for your guests to arrive. Put some meat pieces on the grill to welcome them with the smoky aroma of meat. Set up drinks and other essentials. 

Final thoughts

Barbecuing requires some skillful approaches which amateurs may lack. But as they say, there’s always a first time for everything. So, don’t lose hope, put in your efforts, and you’ll learn how to bbq the right way pretty quickly.