A Comprehensive Guide on How to Clean Blackstone Griddle

Cleaning a Blackstone griddle is not as enjoyable as BBQing a steak over it. On the flip side, it’s not as grueling as perceived. You just need to follow a simple cleaning procedure and dedicate a day or two per year to your grill. In return, the primed griddle will lock the best flavors and odors in your meat. Fair enough! 

So, today we will talk about when to clean a Blackstone griddle? How to clean a Blackstone griddle? Is there any maintenance required? And everything that revolves around a black, shiny griddle. Also, we have thrown in some valuable pro tips that are going to benefit you for a lifetime. 

When Should You Clean Your Blackstone Griddle? 

A one-word answer to this question is – every time. Since contaminates like grease or dust are ready to attack your griddle everywhere and, in every situation, it is best to clean it religiously before and after cooking. This prevents spoiling of food by the addition of unpleasant flavors, saves you from consuming something unhealthy, and secures the longevity of the griddle. 

However, there can be different scenarios when it comes to cleaning your forever cooking partner – a Blackstone griddle. Below are the most possible situations you can face, and the recommended solutions for them: 

  1. Cleaning a brand-new griddle: Though the sleek look of your brand-new griddle does not call for any cleaning session, there can be some micro contaminants carried over during production or shipment. So, clean the surfaces thoroughly with warm water and soap mixture before starting to season it.
  2. Clean before smoking: Pollutants are present everywhere in the atmosphere. Wipe your griddle with a dishcloth before cooking.
  3. Clean after cooking: This needs to be discussed in detail. Scroll down to learn the complete procedure.
  4. Deep cleaning: Spend a day or two per year cleaning your griddle from the inside and outside. This includes cleaning the grill burners, resurfacing, and wiping every bit of residue on the griddle. In short, restoring it to the prime condition. Sounds difficult? Worry not, we have shared a guideline to simplify deep cleaning as well.      

How to Clean Blackstone Griddle after Cooking? 

No matter how careful you are, the food remains are always going to smear your griddle. Although the manufacturers share some interesting tips on how to clean the griddle, we have collected some special tricks from experienced chefs to ensure better cleaning. 

Required Tools 

Blackstone griddles are shipped with a cleaning kit. It contains scouring pads, a scraper as well as a scrubber handle. You can utilize them in your cleaning process. In general, these are the essentials you will require while cleaning: 

  • Grill scraper 
  • Oil (canola, olive or flax) 
  • Paper towels
  • Dishtowels 
  • Heat-resistant gloves 
  • Warm water 
  • Nylon scouring pad 

Cleaning Griddle after Cooking – Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Wait for the Right Time to Begin Cleaning

After you finish smoking, let the griddle lose some heat. Do not leave the grill for cooling down completely or the residues will become hard to remove. To prevent burns, always wear safety gloves before touching any part of the griddle.   

Step 2: Start scraping!  

Grab your scraper and begin scraping off all the grease, oil, and food stuck to the surface. Your scraper should be positioned at around 45° and applying some pressure will help in getting rid of most of the food remains.

In some griddles, there is a grease management system. If yours has one, direct the scraped grime toward it. If not, lift it using the scraper and dump it off. 

Step 3: Wipe the Leftover Grease 

The excessive grease cannot be removed completely by the scraper. Use a paper towel or cotton cloth to wipe it. Next, pour some hot water and scrap again. By now, most of the stuck-on residues will be removed. 

Step 4: Time to Clean the Stubborn Residues!

If you can still see some food particles or grease stuck to the grill, use the nylon scouring pad to scrub off the leftover dirt. Do not apply high pressure while scouring or you may end up scratching the surface. Once done, wipe the griddle using a paper or dish towel, or any clean cotton cloth you find at home. 

Step 5: Dry and Season the Grill 

Leave the grill to air dry. Finally, coat it with a thin layer of oil. Voila! your griddle is ready to use again. 

Deep-Cleaning of a Blackstone Griddle 

Even if you clean your griddle after every cooking session, some residues keep on building inside and outside. This can lead to mold growth or infusion of unwanted flavors in your smoked dishes. Sticky surfaces are also an indication that your griddle needs a deep cleaning. 

Required Tools 

  • Grill scraper 
  • Scouring pad with handle
  • Paper towel 
  • Dishcloth 
  • Vinegar 
  • Water
  • Heat-resistant gloves

Deep Cleaning of Griddle – Step by Step Guide 

Step 1: Follow the Regular Cleaning Cycle 

Wear your safety gloves and repeat the cleaning procedure you conduct every time after cooking. 

Step 2: Burn the Residues to Char 

Turn on the griddle and let the flames burn out contaminants. After some time, pour water over the grill. Next, squeeze lemon juice or pour vinegar throughout the grill’s surface. The acid will work to weaken the seasoning layer on the grill. Once the water and vinegar have evaporated, turn off the griddle. 

Step 3: Scrub & Scour 

Most of the caked residues have loosened by now. Rub them off using a scrubber. If the surface still doesn’t look perfectly bright, scour it to give the final touch.  

Step 4: Wipe and Dry the Grill

Now, all you need is to wipe the surfaces for the final time using a dishcloth. Leave it for air drying. 

For smoking again, you will need to season the grill, which we will discuss later. For now, let’s find out what else is waiting for a cleanup.     

Wipe the Grill Burners

Maintenance of optimum heat throughout smoking is mandatory. This is made possible only if you have a proper gas flow. The problem arises when your burner holes are blocked with grease or dead bugs. At this stage, cleaning them is crucial. 

Required Tools 

  • Bottlebrush 
  • Screwdriver 
  • Compressed air 

Cleaning of Burners – Step by Step Guide 

Step 1: Disconnect the Gas Supply 

Let the grill cool down, remove the gas supply and the upper surface of the griddle to access the burner. 

Step 2: Detach the Burner Tubes 

Using a screwdriver, lose all the screws holding the burner tubes in place. You may also need to detach the control knobs in certain models of Blackstone burners. After that, pull out the burner tubes from the griddle. 

Step 3: Start Cleaning! 

Take the bottlebrush and start cleaning the interior and exterior of the tubes. Blow some compressed air through each burner tube so that all blocking elements are removed. 

Step 4: Reinstall the Burner Tubes and Connect the Gas Supply 

Now, screw back the tubes and connect the gas with the griddle. Quickly check your installation by turning on the griddle. That’s all, your burner tubes are free of all obstructions. 

Scrape off the Rust

The matte black flat-top surface of your griddle can turn brown due to rusting. Rusting can be an outcome of humidity or negligence in proper maintenance. However, the good news is, you can renew the surface of your grill. Here’s what you’ll need to do: 

Required Tools 

  • Grill scraper 
  • Grill stone 
  • Paper towels
  • Water
  • Cooking oil
  • Safety gloves

Reclaiming the Griddle Top – Step by Step Guide 

Step 1: Turn on the Griddle 

To loosen the corrosion layer, turn the burners to high heat. You will be dealing with an extremely hot surface, do not forget to wear heat-resistant gloves.  

Step 2: Start Scraping 

Take the scraper and rub it over the corroded surface. Not only the top surface requires scraping, if you find rusting at any other part of the grill, scrap it as well. Next, generously pour oil over the scraped surface. 

Step 3: Start Scrubbing 

Unlike wire brushes that leave scratches on the surface, the grill stones are more effective and leave the surface flawless. Scrub them over the griddle while adding more oil whenever required. This step is surely going to try your patience. But don’t haste, keep on rubbing until all rust is gone. 

If a portion of the surface has an extremely stubborn layer of rust, try squeezing some lemon juice and scrub again. 

Step 4: Wipe and Dry

Wipe away the gunk using warm water and paper towels. Leave it for air drying.  

Seasoning a Blackstone Griddle – 6 Simple Steps 

Seasoning of the cooking surface is crucial to forming a non-stick protective film. For this, you will be required to initiate a reaction between metal and any oil (canola, olive, flaxseed, etc.). The result is a bright, smooth surface. 

Follow this simple tutorial to carry out seasoning: 

  1. Spread the oil evenly using a paper towel such that it forms a thin layer atop the cooking surface. 
  2. Turn the burner on high heat. 
  3. Let the oil heat up for around 15 minutes or until the smoke starts to generate. Turn down the heat.
  4. Raise the heat and smoke the oil again. Repeat the same step 3 times at least. 
  5. Once the griddle has turned black and shiny, turn off the burner and let it cool down. 
  6. Apply the final layer of oil. This too should be thin and even. 

Maintenance Tips for a Blackstone Griddle 

  1. Do not procrastinate the cleaning of grills. Clean as soon as you finish cooking, or the molds will get the chance to grow. 
  2. When storing, protect your grill from pollutants using grill covers. Also, it is best to store your griddle in a cool and dry environment. 
  3. Try managing some time to clean your stored grill casually as well. 
  4. Cook outdoors where there is sufficient area for ventilation. 
  5. Avoid bringing flammable or sharp objects near your griddle.

The Bottom Line 

Although the Blackstone griddle is made of durable components, neglecting its maintenance can affect the longevity as well the flavor of those BBQ dishes you spend hours cooking. The cleaning routine may be hectic for you in the beginning, but once you get used to it, there’s nothing much that will tire you up (if you are not doing the deep cleaning). 

Besides, your efforts are perfectly paid off in the form of mouthwatering smoked foods. So, be persistent with cleaning and keep grilling!