How to Reheat Steak? A Detailed Guide

There’s a lot to love about a steak. It’s juicy, loaded with flavors and if you manage to get that perfect golden sear, there’s no way you would want to miss it. However, a bitter pill is that retaining all these qualities in leftover steak is not an easy job. So, how to reheat steak without losing its freshness? Without any further ado, let’s move to what we have found most effective for you!

How to Reheat Steak – The 5 Recommended Methods  

1. Reheat in the Microwave 

Reheating steak in the microwave is not as plain as heating your leftover pasta. As haphazard microwaving can leave the steak dry with the fat trapped in chewy bits, it’s better to learn the proper way before reheating.  

Begin with placing the steak in a deep microwave-safe dish. Cover it from the top using a damp paper towel. The moisture in it will prevent the steak from drying out. Adjust the heat of the microwave to medium level and start heating. 

Flip the steak after every 30 seconds so that even temperature is maintained throughout. Although time varies with the heating capacity of the microwave, the process usually takes 90 to 120 seconds.   

Your microwave reheated steak will be juicy and full of flavors, but the crisp cannot be retained through this method. Nonetheless, if you are in a rush, do not have other options or just want to take a day off from the kitchen, popping steak in the microwave is acceptable.  

2. Reheat on the Stovetop 

If the outside sear of the steak is what you hold dear, then reheating on a stovetop is going to be your favorite method. Take a pan, place the steak in it and pour a tablespoon of olive or any other oil over it. Start heating the pan on medium flame and cover it with a lid for a few seconds. This will let the heat circulate throughout to prevent uneven heating. 

Do not make the mistake of leaving your steak on flame, you will end up drying it out. Flip the steak after every minute until the desired doneness is achieved. Generally, heating on the stovetop takes 2 to 3 minutes.

The downside here is that even though the crisp is retained, the flavor and freshness won’t be the same as out-of-the-pan steak. One way to add flavor is to chop your steak and add it for making Steak and Egg Hash or such other recipes.

3. Reheat in Both Oven and Stove Top

Start by heating the oven to 250°F. This is an ideal temperature and exceeding it will dry out the meat. For even heat distribution, put a wire cooling rack inside the baking sheet. Place the steak over it and start heating in the oven for around 25-30 minutes or until the temperature drops to 100-110°F.

When the baking time is about to finish, take a frying pan and swirl some vegetable oil in it. Heat the oil until it’s almost smoking hot. Now is the time to sear the reheated steak for 60 seconds from each side. Once done, let the steak rest for a few minutes, slice it and enjoy having the straight-off-the-fire steak once again.  

4. Reheat in Sous-Vide Style 

Are you a fan of the tender sous vide steaks? Well, you might be missing out on a specialty of your machine. As good as the sous vides are for cooking steaks, their reheating capabilities are equally perfect.

Start by patting some salted butter on the steak and put it into an airtight freezer bag. Let it sit until the temperature rises to normal. This will minimize the reheating time.

Now, fill water in the stockpot and attach the Sous Vide as per the given instructions. When the water reaches 120-130°F (take steam formation as an indication), place the sealable bag in it. Continue cooking for another 5-8 minutes or till the steak is gently heated.

The Sous Void method preserves the flavor. You can also sear the steak (60 seconds for each side) to crisp its exterior layer.   

5. Reheat Using Some Beef Broth  

Until now, you must have understood the worth of a skillet for reheating your steaks. Another way of utilizing your pan is by preparing a beef broth and reheating steak in it.

Start by adding the pre-cooked beef broth to the pan and heat it up until bubbles start to form. Add steak and cook it for a minute or two. The broth will keep the steak from going dry or rubbery. Serve it and enjoy having this too good to be a true meal with your friends and family.

Final Words

That’s all to wrap up the guide on how to reheat steak without losing its freshness, flavors and crust. Don’t forget to leave your steak for 30 minutes or an hour out of the fridge. This prevents overcooking and secures an efficient reheating experience.